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Product/Furniture Visualisation

CGI provides greater flexibility and consistency when showcasing products/furniture than traditional photography techniques. For example, alternatively textured variations can be produced and the same product can be shown in different situations or lighting conditions. There are no limits other than your imagination!

Design Presentation

Wow your customers with immersive visuals of your product in any surrounding that your imagination can conjure.

Marketing Content

Engage clients with your beautiful concepts and create a buzz about your design without the costs of producing wasted prototypes.

Project Development

Explore all options risk-free — make easy changes to the project, see the effect, discuss it with the client and proceed to implementation.

Furniture 3d rendering 100 cgiPhotoreal product visualisation 100cgi

Fill in the Brief

CAD drawings aid us to accurately depict the design of your product. However, we are still able to achieve accurate results from information as simple as conceptual sketches.

Stay in Touch

Our team will directly liaise with you during the design process to ensure that our work perfectly represents your design right down to the finest of details such as scale and texture.

Get Results

Clients are always satisfied with our product/furniture visualizations. We take great care in our 3D modelling so that they have great topology and are highly detailed.

Have a project to visualise?

Send us your project brief or requirements and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs

    What does the project cost?

    The ultimate factor is the scale and type of the project. Download the price list and get an idea of our price range.


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