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If there is a style that has remained timeless, it has to be English interior design. This kind of interior design originated in Great Britain from the Middle Ages and has been embraced as part of modern designs. The English interior style has an aura of class and elegance. With this style, designers have to

The onset of summer this year was one of the best at 100CGI. We had several projects involving exterior visuals. Our team loves these types of tasks as the visuals showcasing a building, and the exteriors are enchanting. One of our clients from Barbican, London, wanted a set of visuals for his commercial property. This

Our client in Belgravia contacted us for a project. Belgravia is one of the places in London with the best ambiance. Our team at 100CGI looked forward to this job as it was our first in the area. We knew we would capture every aspect of the exterior and interior to be at par with

The client requested a Virtual Reality Tour for the space, which is 6,000sq ft. He mentioned he wanted a solution that could provide a more captivating experience for viewers. With VR, anyone could get a feel of the space like they are there. We recommended the Walking Tour Solution. We had used this solution for

Mark, a young engineer in Sweden, got our contact from one of our long-time clients. He has rented an apartment in Gothenburg and was finally considering building his mansion. He wanted to visualise his house before construction. Our team was to create a VR tour alongside Mark’s designer, and we were ready for the task.

Brickworks project is a very exciting project. The iconic style of this interior design model has been transforming commercial spaces. Our team of experts has managed to deliver top-of-the-art brickwork projects in workspaces. When our client sent a brief on the brickwork project, we prepared the drafts within 24 hours. Within a week, we delivered

Our client in Europe had seen testimonials of past clients on our website. He contacted us for a project to visualise his building’s exterior. Working with a client from Europe was a delight for the 100CGI. It was our first international task. The building has some antique features that make it outstanding. The color combination,

Another inspiring project of the office, which is located centrally in London. The office is based in one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, and it had some antique features characterised by ancient bricks and traditional window designs.

Morgan Lovell provided us at 100CGI with a very effective and comprehensive brief package. This included the technical drawings for the design proposal and mood images for the office design, along with existing site photographs and its exterior surroundings. Consultation sessions took place, deciding the exact camera views the Morgan Lovell Designer wanted 100CGI to

100CGI Studio took pleasure in creating a 3D virtual tour for our client’s serviced office space in Holborn. With the help of transparent communication with the client, we were able to set clear expectations – both technical and operational.