Virtual Tour | Great Sutton Street | Clerkenwell | London

It’s been very exciting to start working on one of our client’s projects – Great Sutton. The beauty of this building is that on one hand it is located in the heart of London, on the other hand, it seemed that we were in a rural area. The building itself with the ancient bricks and old-style windows gave a tone to the design style. We were thrilled during the process of creation, as this office space looks and feels so different compare to others.

It was vital to receive a detailed brief with all technical plans and all necessary information to get started right.  We were very pleased and thankful that Kitt Offices was extremely efficient and specifying for us every detail, which led a whole team to a great result.

100 CGI team fell in love with this project, as it is unique and special with a history note. The design is super homely but at the same time, the professional and working atmosphere is there. It is a great place for creating new ideas and bringing them into life.

I can’t recommend these guys enough as the design process was absolutely flawless as well as the end result, thank you so much

Senior Designer at Kitt Offices

Like all our clients, Kitt Offices were just as ecstatic with the results as their client during the pitch and consequently went on to win the tender and eventually progress to the construction stage.


Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray Next, Photoshop


4 weeks

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