Virtual Tour | Clerkenwell | London

Office Design

The client requested a Virtual Reality Tour for the space, which is 6,000sq ft. He mentioned he wanted a solution that could provide a more captivating experience for viewers. With VR, anyone could get a feel of the space like they are there. We recommended the Walking Tour Solution. We had used this solution for

Brickworks project is a very exciting project. The iconic style of this interior design model has been transforming commercial spaces. Our team of experts has managed to deliver top-of-the-art brickwork projects in workspaces. When our client sent a brief on the brickwork project, we prepared the drafts within 24 hours. Within a week, we delivered

Morgan Lovell provided us at 100CGI with a very effective and comprehensive brief package. This included the technical drawings for the design proposal and mood images for the office design, along with existing site photographs and its exterior surroundings. Consultation sessions took place, deciding the exact camera views the Morgan Lovell Designer wanted 100CGI to