Project Description

Interior 3d Visualisation of Apartments in Westminster

Commercial Project

100CGI were appointed by Denton Associates, one of our closest and longest-serving clients, to deliver a series of inspiring and photorealistic visuals as part of their design proposal for a pitch presentation to QBE Europe. This was a very challenging, large-scale project with lots of complicated elements such as various ceilings and foliage features.

3d visual of office pods
Cgi render of collaboration area

For a project of such magnitude, it was important to receive a strong starting package that contained all the necessary information such as ceiling plans and joinery elevations. We were very thankful that Denton was extremely professional and well-equipped so that we were able to hit the ground running and experience no unnecessary delays.

This is one of the 100CGI team’s favourite office projects as although it is a commercial project, the design features details you would only expect from an environment within a sector more like the hospitality or luxury interior sector. The design is super playful but also purposeful and engaging with the likes of plant walls injecting a sense of happiness and freedom most can only wish for in their own office!

We couldn’t afford any mishaps or hiccups as we were on a super tight schedule, so we wanted a really experienced studio that we could trust. I can’t recommend these guys enough as the design process was absolutely flawless as well as the end result, thank you so much

Senior Project Designer at Denton

To read more about our development process, please read our HOW IT WORKS page.

3d cg visualization for office
Cg rendering of open plan office
3d rendering of entrance in office
3d visual of breakout area in office
3d visualisation of lounge office

Like all our clients, Denton Associates were just as ecstatic with the results as their client QBE Europe during the pitch and consequently went on to win the tender and eventually progress to the construction stage.


Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray Next, Photoshop


2 weeks