3D Rendering Services for Architecture and Real Estate

Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation gives a client a glimpse of a building before it’s built. Our team at 100 CGI ensures that the images have all the features of the proposed architectural design. We use different rendering techniques depending on the architectural project at hand. Our focus on architectural visualisation is all-inclusive. We consider the aerial, interior, and exterior renderings. With advanced visualisation software, we can display your architectural design so stakeholders, clients, investors, and property owners can envision the rendering.

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Office Visualisation

Our office visualisation designs are ideal for transforming your office ideas into captivating imagery. We use the best visual tools to depict office interiors and exteriors realistically. You can then experiment with different furniture and designs before the actual project. Office visualisation has enabled clients to utilise the spaces optimally. You don’t need detailed sketches or briefs; we can visualise your office to your liking with just a reference and an idea. Our office visualisation expertise guarantees you will get the best CGI Image.

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Interior Visualisation

Interior rendering is a unique way of presenting different designs depending on the client's taste. At 100 CGI, we display all the designer's components such as furniture, appliances, lighting, texture, and colour. We then show how they interact with the space through eye-catching visuals. Our professional team will do the magic if you are looking into pre-selling real estate. The photos are perfect for marketing commercial and residential spaces, and the interior 3D rendering is the best approach if you want to close a sale fast.

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3D/CGI Virtual Tour

With Virtual Reality, you can tour a home from the comfort of your bed. Our Virtual Reality services offer clients an opportunity to engage with a project. For those looking into buying or investing in real estate, Virtual Reality provides the best visual experience. We customise VR walkthroughs to appeal to different clients. One can play with the interior décor, layouts, furniture, and more to have a feel of the space. This emotional element in Virtual Reality makes it easier for clients to resonate with the house or office before buying.

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3D/CGI Animation

With 3D Animation, viewers get a 3D visual experience of a property. It helps clients to understand a building concept, its size, character, and structure. 3D Animation shows the interiors and exteriors in a captivating way. The viewer gets the full realistic image and can evaluate the dimensions. Clients can visualise furniture arrangement and décor, and they can insert characters and adjust as they deem necessary. If you are looking to sell a property or make a pitch presentation, 3D Animation will give you an edge.

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Our use of Matterport in 3D rendering has upgraded the 3D experience for our clients. The platform has enhanced the transformation of images into 3D models. The 100 CGI team has used some features such as dollhouse views, which offer photorealistic 3D floor plans. With Matterport, the visualisation of offices and other commercial spaces has improved, and clients can better measure and understand the rooms. We utilise this fantastic tool’s features to ensure that a client gets a feel of the space.

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