Morgan Lovell provided us at 100CGI with a very effective and comprehensive brief package. This included the technical drawings for the design proposal and mood images for the office design, along with existing site photographs and its exterior surroundings. Consultation sessions took place, deciding the exact camera views the Morgan Lovell Designer wanted 100CGI to prepare as the final angles.

We at 100CGI prepared some initial drafts in clay colour to approve camera angles and geometry. Our draft renders proved invaluable for re-considering various factors of the design that when seen in a 3-dimensional photorealistic manner, became obvious they could be bettered. Once the geometry of the 3D modelled scene had been adjusted to the designer’s new floor plan, the difference in spacial quality was clear to see even at this stage in non-textured drafts. The design development process from this stage all the way to the final delivery was incredibly smooth and this is most definitely due to the great calibre of the designer as well as our extremely well-refined process system. The designer was able to adjust colours and finishes and alter furnishing choices on the set of draft visuals as a whole- ensuring the design was cohesive in all areas of the workplace simultaneously. These small details could then be refined and experimented with by the designer until the draft renders were perfect- all that was left to do at this stage was for us at 100CGI to render the final quality images and deliver the final project.

We had a massive pitch come through so we wanted to source the best of the best to wow the client. I was so impressed with the end product, the visuals were super clean, high quality and extremely realistic. It’s crazy to think they’re not photos!

Adam Haury, Design Director

Maris were exceptionally happy with the result and this key project is one of the reasons why we are so happy to receive an abundance of repeat business from them. The project designer was over the moon once our visuals had aided the win of the pitch.


Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray, After Effects, Photoshop


4 weeks

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