Our client in Europe had seen testimonials of past clients on our website. He contacted us for a project to visualise his building’s exterior. Working with a client from Europe was a delight for the 100CGI. It was our first international task. The building has some antique features that make it outstanding. The color combination, wall design, and building’s lighting are Victorian. It has impressive staircases and large windows that are both functional and decorative.
Our team was ready to create 3D imageries that could give an aspect of life to the building. The focus for this specific project was the exterior, which was to be all-inclusive. The client wanted the completed work in four weeks, which was enough to hand over the completed project.


We worked through the briefs with the client. He had ideas and a few sketches that allowed us to comprehend his expected outcome. The commercial building has a unique design with striking lighting that needs to feature in the visuals. We recorded every detail the client mentioned and made our first drafts in a day.
The client assessed the drafts in two days. He pointed out some slight changes he desired to see on the final project. We had to include people engaging in activities such as reading, sitting, walking, cycling, and conversing. Our team added other features such as a green field, stones, and trees. The rest of the drafts were almost perfect, and the client gave the go-ahead in the third week.

Our company has years of expertise in exterior visualisation, and bringing out the best with this project was easy. The complete work was thrilling and felt like the actual building exterior. The visuals were completed and showcased everything, including color combination, the texture of the building, lighting, and other features.

In the fourth week, we uploaded the final set of visuals for the client. The client was happy with the work and was elated by the deadline adherence without compromising on the quality. We delivered quality work, which met the client’s expectations. His ratings and recommendations were proof that we had delivered incomparable work.

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