Brickworks project is a very exciting project. The iconic style of this interior design model has been transforming commercial spaces. Our team of experts has managed to deliver top-of-the-art brickwork projects in workspaces. When our client sent a brief on the brickwork project, we prepared the drafts within 24 hours. Within a week, we delivered as per the client’s expectations. We do all these without compromising the quality of our results.

We received our client’s brief on Thursday. Day one was solely developing drafts to capture the client’s idea. We listened to our client’s thoughts as we sketched everything to capture the brief in detail. Within a day, we had several drafts showing different visuals of the project. We sent the drafts on Friday for the client’s approval.

By Monday, the client had sent the markups after reviewing the drafts. We had delivered as per expectations and only had to make slight additions before commencing the final project.

On Tuesday, we were working on the markups. We got the textures and furniture that resonated with the client’s projected work. By the end of the day, we had the second draft for approval.

On Wednesday, our client sent out the final markups after analysing the second round of drafts. We added new furniture and worked on the textures.

On Thursday, we had eye-catching visuals to present to the client. The client assessed the renders and requested minor adjustments three days later. We did the changes within the same day and uploaded the completed renders to the client’s satisfaction.

The project aimed at meeting the market demands, creating efficient hybrid workplaces, and creating lasting impressions for the spaces. We were able to meet these requirements in a week.


The collaboration and flexibility resulting from hybrid workplaces have contributed to their popularity. Companies invest in the best hybrid workplace designs to ensure their employees work remotely or onsite with minimal hitches. In our recent project, our client designed a hybrid workplace that appeals to the employees and we successfully demonstrated it in our high-class quality renders. Our focus was mainly on configurable office furniture and space. We did renders to visualise collaboration tables, touchdown benches, meeting rooms, and communal areas that encourage fruitful meetups and other social interactions. With flexible work options, productivity in the workplace is almost a guarantee.
You don’t need a new space to transform your office into a hybrid workspace. Alongside our partners, a group of designers, we have mastered the art of reconfiguring the existing rooms and furniture into more flexible and collaborative workspaces. The primary client’s principle is to create an efficient space that transcends existing social and physical barriers, and the creative layouts will facilitate collaborative engagement without affecting the space. All that was successfully demonstrated on the renders we produced.

When it comes to the Brickworks project, we are the experts. We exceed our customers’ expectations in delivering captivating renderings, all within a week. We actualise ideas by delivering visually appealing renders for different businesses.

We believe that the first impression might be the only impression. As such, we aim to deliver the best and to make an impact. Our Brickworks project involved improving the aesthetics of the space for a vibrant first impression for new tenants. The renders for the office design involved colorful furniture, stylish tiles, and unique lighting. The open space and bespoke kitchen had a striking ambiance. The 3D renders are a superb guide if a client needs to transform the space over time.


3,000sq ft


1 week




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