The onset of summer this year was one of the best at 100CGI. We had several projects involving exterior visuals. Our team loves these types of tasks as the visuals showcasing a building, and the exteriors are enchanting. One of our clients from Barbican, London, wanted a set of visuals for residential property. This building was one of the tallest we had visualised in London. The iconic glass building has several floors and a green rooftop. The green roof gives an aura of calmness, which differentiates the property from other buildings around the area.

The client wanted impressive visual representations of the external spaces of the building. The company provided enough photographs, sketches, plans, and drawings to kickstart the project. We had a one-on-one consultation with the client to understand the entire project, expectations, and timeline. The brief was pretty comprehensive, and we were confident we would deliver as per the client’s outlook.


The better part of the week was for drafting. Our team incorporated all the ideas presented by the client. The client reviewed each draft within a day and revised it as necessary. The set of visuals showcased the building and its surrounding. We accurately presented the trees, pond, lush field, and birds. In one of the markups, the client requested us to add people picnicking on the grass and walking along the paths. He also wanted us to capture the parking lot with several vehicles. This new addition was a great way to add life to the presentations. We made the changes on the go. The second and the third week were mostly for adjustments on the drafts before we could finally actualise the project. We involved the client through the drafting process so that we could visualise the idea in a perfect way. We worked on the final output in the fourth week.

100CGI team had created the best set of visuals for the building’s exterior. The presentation almost seemed real; one could feel the mood and visualise the ambiance just by going through the images. The team was excited by the outcome; the client appreciated the production quality.

He praised our focus on details and time consciousness. Our work was high-quality and exceptional, and a viewer could get a feel of the environment by scanning through the visuals. The client gave positive reviews and booked the team for a different task weeks later.


over 50,000sq ft


4 weeks


Residential, Exterior


Set of Marketing Visuals

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