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Concept Building Rendering for Tender


Our client in Europe , Henn, contacted us for the building rendering. The building features remarkable antique elements that make it truly stand out. It boasts a harmonious color combination, intricate wall designs, and impressive staircases that add to its magnificence. Additionally, the large windows serve both functional and decorative purposes, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. We are excited to bring this unique vision to life with our expert rendering capabilities.




Germany, EU


1 week

Project's goals

The task for the 3dvisualizer was to create 3D visualization that could give an aspect of life to the building. The focus for this specific project was the  building rendering, which was to be all-inclusive. The client wanted the completed work in four weeks, which was enough to hand over the completed project. The commercial building had a unique design with striking lighting that needs to feature in the architectural visualization.

Process of creation

The process of creating building rendering started with comprehensive information collection. We carefully worked through the briefs with the client, ensuring we understood every aspect of his vision. The client shared some preliminary ideas and a few sketches that allowed us to get started with 3d visualizing. Throughout this stage, we meticulously recorded every detail the client mentioned, ensuring that all preferences, requirements, and specific instructions were captured accurately to guide the development of the architectural visualizations.

  • 01.
    Information Collection
    • In the process of creating architecture visualization, information collection entailed gathering reference images, textures, and blueprints to understand the subject's dimensions and details. Lighting conditions, materials, and environmental context were studied meticulously. This thorough data collection ensured the creation of realistic and detailed renders, enhancing the final 3D model's visual appeal and accuracy.
  • 02.
    3D Modeling
    • We utilized cutting-edge office design software to craft a detailed model of the client's desired outcome. This step holds paramount importance, particularly when developing 3D renders, as the quality of the models significantly enhances experience for viewers.
  • 03.
    Lighting and Texturing
    • The textures and lighting are important when it comes to renders. For the anticipated exterior design, we were keen to use high-quality textures and catchy lighting that brought out the right mood.
  • 04.
    Realistic Views
    • 3D architectural rendering provided a realistic view of the building and surrounding area. The visuals allowed our client to have a better vision of possible outcome. We included people engaging in activities such as reading, sitting, walking, cycling. Our team added other features such as a green field, stones, and trees. The drafts were perfect, and the client gave the go-ahead in the third week.

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Final Result

100CGI Studio has years of expertise in exterior visualisation, and bringing out the best with this project was easy. The complete architectural visulizations were thrilling and felt like the actual building exterior. The building rendering was completed and showcased everything, including color combination, the texture of the building, lighting, outdoor area and other features. We delivered quality work, which met the client’s expectations.