Mark, a young engineer in Sweden, got our contact from one of our long-time clients. He has rented an apartment in Gothenburg and was finally considering building his mansion. He wanted to visualise his house before construction. Our team was to create a VR tour alongside Mark’s designer, and we were ready for the task. With his designer in the picture, the briefs were precise and comprehensive. Mark’s idea of the house he wanted was well relayed through pictures and sketches. Our role was to bring to life the concept through an engaging VR tour. We first met with Mark and his designer and agreed to start drafting the next day.

We uploaded several drafts through the first two weeks. Mark reviewed the drafts and made several adjustments. Our team added all the features as required after every revision. We got the final approval by the end of that week and were ready to kickstart the work. We consulted with our client throughout the drafting to ensure that we corresponded to his anticipated outcome. We created a fantastic VR tour that captured every home feature within the next two weeks.

The color combination for each room created a sense of elegance. The walls, kitchen countertops, and furniture were mostly a blend of grey and black, and these colors made the living room, dining area, and kitchen feel calm. Mark preferred a minimalist home, which meant that the décor pieces were to be fewer and less distracting.

The living room has minimal lighting, as a lot of light is coming from the huge windows, which are facing pine trees. This view brings harmony to the atmosphere. Most furniture pieces were more functional than decorative: a couch, wooden table, stool, beanbag chair, and a black woven carpet. The bookshelf and the large windows give an aura of class without tampering with the minimalist style.

Mark loved the outcome of the project. It was as he anticipated, and he was now ready to commence the construction. He rated us highly for efficiency, good communication, and adherence to deadlines.

The office room is also simple, with only a tiny bed, a resting area near the window, and a study desk with a few essentials. Like the other spaces, the lighting is modest and the walls plain. On the other hand, the office has enough natural light, and the plants and the few décor pieces made it welcoming. The bedroom is a bit colorful compared to the rest of the rooms.

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