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Apartment 3D Virtual Tour in Mayfair


For this project, 100CGI Studio collaborated with JPW.London studio, known for their outstanding interior projects. The task was to create apartment 3d virtual tour situated in central London. This collaboration aimed to blend traditional elegance with cutting-edge technology, providing a seamless and immersive experience for potential clients. The project focused on capturing the timeless charm of English design, utilizing advanced rendering techniques to highlight intricate details and sophisticated aesthetics. By integrating virtual reality, clients can explore the space interactively, appreciating the blend of classic style and modern innovation.




London, UK


8 weeks

VR Tour

Project's goals

The primary aim was to develop a Classic English Interior 3D Virtual Tour and a set of 3D interior renders that function as both a progress tracker and a powerful marketing instrument. These 3D interior rendering services allow prospective clients to navigate through each corner of the apartment, offering a detailed and immersive apartment 3D virtual tour. The tour provides the opportunity to pause at any location, closely examine the furniture, textures, and colors, and experiment with different furniture brands, enhancing user interaction and engagement.

Process of creation

Creating a virtual apartment tour and renders for an English interior design involved several steps. First, the design style was defined, and inspirations were gathered. Next, the layout was planned, and appropriate furniture and decor were selected. Then, 3D Interior renderings were created to bring the design to life. After that, these visual elements were compiled into an interactive apartment 3D virtual tour, providing a comprehensive home virtual tour experience. This process highlights the effectiveness of 3D Rendering services for interior design and showcases the potential of luxury apartment virtual tours in enhancing client presentations.


CGI Stills

  • 01.
    Information Collection
    • The initial phase involved gathering necessary information through detailed documents like Cad plan, drawings, and design brief, complemented by photographs. This essential step helped in thoroughly understanding the project requirements. Additionally, a Matterport 3D scan survey was conducted to accurately measure the apartment, a crucial element in planning construction.
  • 02.
    3D Modeling
    • The 3D modeling phase was critical in creating an intricate 360-degree video. Using the advanced capabilities of 3D Max, the team meticulously modeled every structural element of the apartment. Following the construction of primary components like walls, floors, and ceilings, the focus shifted to detailed aspects such as custom furniture, elegant moldings, and unique d├ęcor items, essential for achieving a realistic representation in the virtual home tour. This part is vital especially when you build VR.
  • 03.
    Lighting and Texturing
    • We used premium online resources for textures mimicking real-world materials. Using V-Ray, we created various lighting setups, atmospheric moods, adding depth and realism to the virtual environment. The lighting and texturing stage significantly enhanced the realism of our 3D Rendering services for interior design.
  • 04.
    • The virtual home tour was constructed using 3D Max and V-Ray, focusing on cross-platform usability and straightforward hosting. This stage was pivotal in delivering a cohesive, navigable 3D experience.
  • 05.
    Realistic Views
    • The apartment's highlight was its realistic, immersive views. It allowed the client to visualize natural light dynamics, texture interactions.

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Final Result

This case study underscores the transformative potential of apartment 3d virtual tour in interior design. The luxury apartment virtual tour provided a precise and detailed view of the final outcome, minimizing misunderstandings and reducing the frequency of design modifications. By integrating comprehensive vr and advanced 3D visualisation, JPW.London studio ensured efficient communication and cost-effectiveness. The engaging design experience established the studio as a leader in the industry.