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Thirdway, a company specializing in commercial fit-out, architecture, workplace consultancy, and furniture solutions, presented us with a distinctive challenge. They sought to create a virtual house tours alongside high-quality 3D renders of a proposed Clerkenwell co-working space prior to the start of construction. This project aimed to visualize the space’s potential and provide client with a realistic preview, ensuring that all design elements met expectations before breaking ground.




London, UK


4 weeks

VR Tour

Project's goals

3d virtual tour was designed to be interactive, allowing potential tenants to navigate through different areas such as private offices, open-plan workspaces, meeting rooms, and communal areas like kitchens and lounges. By experiencing the space in 360 degrees, clients could make informed decisions about leasing the space based on its potential to meet their business needs.

Process of creation

This innovative approach of creating virtual house tours was designed to allow potential clients to immerse themselves in the space virtually, providing a comprehensive preview of the layout, design, and amenities. By offering this virtual experience, the client aims to enhance client engagement and satisfaction, helping clients visualise and appreciate the potential of the space before it physically exists.


CGI Stills

  • 01.
    Information Collection
    • • We started our project by gathering essential data. The client provided us with a comprehensive set of documents, including plans, drawings, and a detailed design brief. We arranged a site visit to be able to do a Matterport 3D scan, which is a must on a to do lists for all modern designers and architects.
  • 02.
    3D Modeling
    • • In this case study, the creation of 3D Virtual Tour was significantly enhanced by the detailed 3D modelling process. The team meticulously constructed every component of the space. • The process started with the modelling of fundamental elements such as walls, floors, and ceilings, with a focus on precise dimensions and proportions. After establishing the major architectural features, the team dedicated their efforts to the intricate aspects that add life and character to the space. • This thorough approach to 3D modelling proved essential for achieving a realistic and immersive depiction of the interior in the virtual tour.
  • 03.
    Lighting and Texturing
    • • The Lighting and Texturing stage significantly enhanced the authenticity of our 3D virtual tour. We utilised leading online resources to develop textures that mirror real-world materials closely. Employing V-Ray software, we engineered diverse lighting setups, capturing different times of day and atmospheric conditions. Our detailed focus on lighting and texturing revitalised the virtual environment, perfectly matching the client's design preferences.
  • 04.
    • • The 360 tour designs were assembled using 3D Max and V-Ray, focusing on user-friendliness across various devices and easy hosting. This step was critical in presenting a unified, navigable 3D experience.

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Final Result

The virtual house tours offered a clear perspective of the final design, reducing errors and frequent design changes. It enhanced client confidence by allowing them to experience the space firsthand, streamlining the design process. This innovative experience gave Thirdway a market edge, attracting clients who value advanced 3D rendering. The 3D Virtual tours appealed to a tech-savvy audience, extending the firm’s global reach and enhancing user-friendliness through device compatibility.