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BeRepublic Group, a provider of strategic consulting and digital marketing solutions, approached us to complete marketing visualizations and 3D walkthrough for Neom Innovation Hub. Neom is an ambitious project in Saudi Arabia, aiming to create a futuristic, sustainable city. It integrates cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability to foster an unprecedented living experience. Neom focuses on enhancing human potential and quality of life through innovation, setting a new standard for urban development and sustainable living in the region and beyond.




NEOM, Saudi Arabia


4 weeks

VR Tour

Project's goals

The primary objectives were to create comprehensive visualizations that vividly depicted Neom’s visionary aspects. These visualizations were designed to emphasize Neom’s dedication to building a futuristic, sustainable city that harmoniously blends cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability. Our goal was to illustrate how Neom enhances human potential and quality of life through innovation, establishing a new benchmark for urban development. Our approach included creating a 3D walkthrough, concentrating on showcasing its innovative infrastructure, sustainable practices, and technological advancements.

Process of creation

To create 3D walkthrough for Neom, we began with gathering basic information such as CAD plans, designer’s brief and researched their vision. Designers developed the initial concept, ensuring the client’s vision was accurately represented. Next, we developed detailed storyboards to outline the visual narrative. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software, we crafted high-fidelity renderings of Neom’s innovative infrastructure and sustainable practices. These renderings were enhanced with cutting-edge animations to create immersive walkthroughs. Throughout the process, we ensured the visualizations effectively communicated Neom Innovation Hub’s commitment to futuristic, sustainable urban living, aiming to captivate investors and global audiences by showcasing the city’s potential impact on urban development.


CGI Stills

  • 01.
    Information Collection
    • During our initial meeting with the client, we conducted a comprehensive gathering of essential details. We reviewed the functional requirements, design preferences, architectural plans, and measurements to fully grasp the client's unique objectives. This thorough information collection was intended to seamlessly align our work with the client's goals.
  • 02.
    3D Modeling
    • We utilized one of the most advanced 3D visualization software available to create highly accurate 3D visualisation and detailed. These visualizations meticulously incorporated every aspect of the space, including architectural details, furniture placement, lighting, and textures.
  • 03.
    Lighting and Texturing
    • This phase is the most exciting, bringing the visuals to life and turning dreams into reality. We meticulously applied the appropriate textures, transforming the 3D model into stunning representations of the client's space. Our focus was on ensuring the textures and lighting created an ambient atmosphere and visually appealing aesthetics for potential users. The carefully selected hues added warmth and fostered a positive mood, enhancing the overall feel of the space.
  • 04.
    Realistic Views
    • The final 3D renders accurately portrayed the architectural space. These visuals highlighted functional and striking elements. The 3D walkthrough project achieved its goal of producing top-notch architectural cinematic, illustrating how the space would appear and feel. The walkthrough and architectural visualisations were instrumental in helping our client make various decisions.

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Final Result

The final outcome for Neom Innovation Hub successfully captured and communicated the city’s visionary aspects. By collaborating with the original concept designers and using advanced 3D modeling and animation, we produced high-fidelity renderings that highlighted innovative infrastructure, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technology. This project not only showcased Neom’s commitment to enhancing human potential and quality of life but also set a new standard for urban development. The compelling visuals attracted significant investment interest and global attention, effectively positioning Neom as a leader in futuristic, sustainable city planning.