Our client in Belgravia contacted us for a project. Belgravia is one of the places in London with the best ambiance. Our team at 100CGI looked forward to this job as it was our first in the area. We knew we would capture every aspect of the exterior and interior to be at par with the beautiful landscape. Henry, who had picked our contact from our website, wanted marketing visuals for his residential project. He had gone through some of the works and testimonials. The marketing visuals we had created for our client in Westminster excited him, and he wanted a similar project with minimal additions.


We couldn’t wait to give life to this project through eye-catching visuals. Victorian designs are intriguing. The style, from the colours to the texture, is striking. We went through the client’s brief enthusiastically and noted every sketch he presented. The building was expansive; 50,000sq ft, which meant we would need like 5 to 6 weeks to complete the project. The first week mainly was meeting with the client, discussing the project, his thoughts, and ideas on the results expected. We developed drafts based on the client’s brief, sketches, and views. The client analysed the first set of drafts and added some features he deemed necessary. We revised the drafts through the second and third weeks.

He assessed the visuals in the last two weeks and requested slight adjustments in some areas. By the end of six weeks, the project was fully complete. We met Henry’s expectations, and he commended us for quality results, speedy production, efficiency, and good communication.

We created amazing visuals that presented the Victorian building distinctly. The team incorporated all the features that make such designs outstanding. The lightings, décor pieces, large windows, and all other aesthetic features were notable. The client was elated.


over 50,000sq ft


6 weeks


Residential, Exterior


Set of Marketing Visuals

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