If there is a style that has remained timeless, it has to be English interior design. This kind of interior design originated in Great Britain from the Middle Ages and has been embraced as part of modern designs. The English interior style has an aura of class and elegance. With this style, designers have to incorporate a range of decorative elements, high-quality materials, and fewer catchy accents.

The choice of colours is a critical part of English interior design. You need to choose at least three colours that are not only attractive but also cosy. One can incorporate bright and subtle colours depending on the client’s preferences. Victorian furniture characterises the classic English interior. Dark-toned or light wood is the predominant material. Some clients opt to paint the furniture for an antique look.

The décor for this style primarily includes porcelain cabinets, bookshelves, and massive hangers. Gilded frames with décor pieces such as straw baskets and tea sets are common. Lighting is also decorative and is often in the form of table, floor, or wall lamps. A designer can supplement the English style with additions such as a fireplace, library, English-style staircase, and a chesterfield sofa. In his brief, John had all these requirements and wanted a complete English-style design for his Victorian house.

John approached us on a Monday, May 2022. He had already had an idea of what he wanted – a classic English interior with a touch of modernity. We had worked with him on several different projects, and the team at 100CGI Team was confident the results would be satisfactory. We went through the briefs, and he explained his anticipated outcome for his new house.

Working with John enhanced our mastery of Victorian house types. We had a great experience and emotions working on this project. Our visuals in this style are unique and captivating.

The final renderings highlighted every aspect of the house. The visualisation of the English interior design was comprehensive. We captured all the décor pieces, colours, and textures. Our team took eight weeks to deliver the masterpiece. John was content with the outcome; the team delivered beyond his expectations.

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